Short-term Funding to Help Cashflow

As well as long term cashflow facilities such as an invoice finance facility we also provide short term funding to businesses.

Cash is, and always will be king. Cashflow is the number one cause of stress for business owners, the flow needs to be managed and be consistent.

At certain times of the year, the cashflow will become more strained as certain liabilities or changes in trade will affect a business.

Short term funding can be used for cashflow and tax purposes and can range in term from 3 months for VAT up to 12 months for other Tax and general cashflow purposes.

Short term funding is also a good way for a young business to build its credit profile, by taking a short-term loan and paying it off on time will prove the business and its owners are responsible and reliable and this will lead to a better rate and term the next time they want to borrow money.

What if I have been rejected for funding in the past?

We’ve helped many businesses who’ve been rejected for funding elsewhere get on the funding ladder by securing a short-term loan. This has then allowed them to grow their business!

Whilst cashflow is stressful, if a business is looking to take a loan it’s still important that they shop around and don’t just take the first offer they see in front of them.

For example, many of the cloud accounting software businesses partner with funders. This means that whilst you’re using certain software you may see an advert for funding which allows you to be accepted for funding with just a click of a button. Although it may be tempting to take a loan in this way, a lot of the time these loan offers will be at much higher interest rates than you can get by speaking to a broker and shopping around!

This is where I can help. I slow the process down and will lay out all of your best options in front of you.

It costs you nothing to use a broker and could potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in interest.

If you would like to discuss your options you can catch me on:

Or call 01925 949000